22 And A Half Hours In Edinburgh


So after being so indecisive about where I was to spend my NYE, I did a last minute booking on Christmas day to Edinburgh. I booked my flight with Easyjet, which surprisingly was a cheap £128 for a return flight, compared to £185 it would of have been on the train for just one way.

I searched high and low for a cheap deal to Edinburgh but the only thing that was a decent price was the flight. Hotel and even hostel rooms where extortionate prices! So my plan was to keep it nice and simple. My flight would arrive at 6.30pm on the night of NYE, I would then meet my friends, celebrate the new year then catch the ‘free buses’ that Edinburgh were putting on between 00.10am and 4.00am back to the airport. I would then sleep there until my flight departed New Years day at 3.00pm.

This didn’t happen.

Before I left for the airport NYE, I quickly checked the internet for any very last minute deals and there I found a hostel in Haymarket called ‘The Hostel’ for only £60 for the night! That was a very cheap deal for somewhere to stay on NYE in Edinburgh, so I booked it!

I got dropped off at a local train station, from there I got the train to Bristol Temple Meads to then hop on one of the Airport shuttles. To say how much we can pay for trains in the UK and sometimes you don’t even get a plug socket or Wi-Fi, the shuttle bus ‘Flyer’ was amazing, with a plug socket next to every seat row and Wi-Fi for the journey!

I had booked a ticket for Edinburgh’s Street Party and because It was a late booking, I had to pick it up from the ‘Fringe Office’ when I arrived on the night. This seemed ok until I actually had to find the fringe office. I walked the 15 minutes from the hostel in to the centre, to be told it was on the Royal Mile, which was another 15 minute walk, but with crowds getting bigger and bigger, this seemed like walking through a maze with no ending.

The hostel itself was pretty good. I only stayed one night, sharing a 12 bed dorm but it was mainly clean and tidy with very helpful staff. The atmosphere was what I expected it to be on NYE. With I’m guessing Americans partying in the reception chanting ‘USA, USA’ and girls getting ready at every plug socket and mirror available at the hostel.

The Street Party

It looked brilliant from afar so when I finally entered the Streey Party I was more than ready to explore. I had a phone call to let me know before hand off my friends who were already there, that I was able to bring in my own alcohol but only if It wasn’t in anything glass. So I grabbed a few cans of cider and headed in.

There was ghost rides, rides that flung you up in the air and rides that span you around and around. The atmosphere was electric, even 4 hours before midnight.

We walked around for a bit before deciding it was time to eat some food and there was so much choice! From fajitas to steak bars to warm chestnuts, there was something for everybody. We settled for a steak burger with onions for a price of £4.00 which isn’t bad!

The Hogmanay bar sold everything for £5.00, so it was that price for beers, ciders and wines which seemed a little pricey but to be expected at a event like this.

The toilets where an absolute nightmare. Crowd control was weak, with drunk people falling over everywhere, and fights were breaking out every 10 minutes with no control over those either. I think 80,000 people is a bit too much for an event like this. They either need to open more roads with things to do on them to spread the crowd out, or just have less people.

Every hour though the fireworks would set off, with fireworks also being set off at 08.14pm or 20:14 (2014). People were dancing, everybody was making new friends and sharing memories from the previous year, it was a great atmosphere.

After the Street Party we ended up at a club, where they charged us £15 for entry. Which I paid, forgetting that I was previously given wristbands for free entry in to a club down the road. I ended up not returning to my hostel until the early hours of the morning when a nice gentleman from Romania paid for a taxi to drop me off. I then sat up with some people chatting on the stairs about travel stories and adventures until daylight appeared.

We ended up having a little nap on the hostel stairs too…


Where did you spend your NYE?

Here is a video I took of the countdown! Enjoy…


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