Bantham – Devon

Bantham is a great surfing spot in South Devon that offers cool views out towards Burgh Island and is very popular with beach goers as well as water sports enthusiasts. That though, is where my first problem with Bantham lies, it can get way to busy.

You will find yourself sharing the water with an unhealthy amount of SUP boarders, body boarders, long boarders and the great open waters can start to feel cramped and claustrophobic. Be prepared to be dropped in on and even dropping in on people yourself.

The car park can also charge you anything from £3.00 for the day up to £6.00 (which is what we paid yesterday). That to me, is a little steep seen as the car park is just a field.

It is though, the closest surfing spot to me this Summer, so I guess I will spend a lot of my time and money, practising my surf photography there.

So here is a collection of my Bantham shots, which I will be adding to, as and when we get a good swell here in South Devon!






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