Holbox: A Hidden Secret

img_2071Not so much anymore. I guess as a travel blogger, we have some sort of obligation to write about the hidden secrets we come across and to try and squeeze in our tips and experiences in to a handful of blog posts.

We can illuminate places that have yet to be known to the World and help communities who may thrive on tourism to blossom.
No, this doesn’t happen from just one travel blogger writing a post about a beautiful place they happened to come across but if the word gets out and more people write about it, then these places may become somewhat ‘trendy’ and somewhat trampled on by a small percentage of people who unfortunately, have no respect for local culture and laws.

There is no need to keep places ‘hidden’ and it is shameful that we as humans, feel the need to secure some places from being ruined by certain tourists and backpackers.

How can we change this? How can we continue to explore the World in such a way in which wildlife, oceans and seas, the local people and nature are unaffected? It’s simple really but it seems that in some places, such as Holbox, they are becoming a victim to over-development from business owners that are not actually locals but travellers from afar, travellers who once fell in love with the place and returned to make a life.

These places are becoming victim to greed; from visitors having high expectations from a place that in reality, does not owe them a thing. People expecting, always expecting and not giving back, whether it be a lack of respect and understanding or changing a place to meet their own needs. Spraying hatred, litter and obnoxiousness in their path of destruction.

So no, in a way I don’t believe that some places should be kept a secret because then the bad would have trumped the good.
I think that people with the power to spread the written word to thousands, if not millions, should use that power to teach others respect, the so called ‘unwritten code of travel’ that may seem obvious to many but unclear to the few that really could make a difference.

So let’s make that difference, today.





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  • February 5, 2017

    Ed Little

    Well said. As a fellow travel blogger I often ask myself the same questions. It’s up to all of us to respect our planet and each other. We can’t own the world’s beautiful places, we have to share them responsibly.

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