It’s A Seasonaires Life


A life of poor pay, long hours and lack of sleep, sounds like the worst job ever. Wrong. It takes a certain type of personality, a certain type of person to be able to hack a seasonal job. It isn’t just sunshine and tans, alcohol and good times. Well yes there is a lot of that involved but the main thing, especially for me is the friendships gained and the journey of self discovery taken.

You kind of figure things out about yourself, that you wouldn’t of known working back home in a normal 9-5. You figure out things you never realised you enjoyed doing, foods you didn’t realise you liked eating or even your tolerance for heat. You find yourself with people just like you, everybody chose to be there, to live a free life, a  life of fun and laughter. They are amazing people to be around, people that bring smiles to your faces. People who will be as stupid as you and sometimes even stupider.

One of the best things about being a seasonaire is waking up (on time) and having no idea of the day in store, we have a job description but this in reality has nothing to do with what we will do for the day. It doesn’t matter if your not sure what the hell your doing, someone has always got your back. The office is usually a beach or a mountain and your lunch breaks or free time are spent swimming in the sea or skiing and snowboarding. It’s freedom at it’s best.

We are not bums, losers, dumb, drop outs or running away from anything. Well I lie, we are running away from boredom and normality. We can be dumb, but not dumb enough to waste our  youth on mortgages and marriage. We may be drop outs, but we dropped into a life much more fun, we may be losers, but we are winners when it comes to downing our drinks and we may be bums, but only beach bums kind.

We are exploring, discovering, eating, drinking, singing, dancing and laughing our way through life, in different countries with different people, people we will ever forget, season friendships last forever. We are grabbing life by the horns and putting two fingers up to the non-believers, who judge us for not being sat in the office with a ring on our finger.

Carry on doing what your doing seasonaires. Life is not about making the government happy or making society happy. It’s about making you happy.

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