Mosquito Bites – 5 ways to get rid of the itch!

Travel / Friday, October 10th, 2014


If your a budget traveller, there is nothing worse than needing medical treatment of some kind and having to pay the ridiculous prices that some places charge.

I was a little naïve and maybe a little drunk from the cheap wine I had been drinking but I decided I would be just fine cooking my steak and sweet potato on the fire, while I was camping near a lake in Southern Florida.

I had my legs out, my arms out and my feet out, no protection of any sort, not even anti mosquito spray. It was when I relaxed in my camping chair then It happened, I felt them all over me, nibbling away and causing havoc.

It wasn’t until the next day I saw the aftermath, I must have had a bad reaction because I was covered in lumps that looked like a bad case of the chicken pox and not just a few either, I had over 350 bites on my body (that I could see).

I was in so much pain, I couldn’t sleep for days, was showering under cold water to take away the heat and spending ridiculous amounts of money on anti itch cream, calamine lotion and hydro cortisone cream. Nothing worked, not even a little bit.

There was even one evening, when camping in a state park in the middle of nowhere, that I had the weirdest experience. It was about 3am, everybody was asleep and I was taking my 4th shower of the evening to cool down my skin. When I left the shower cubicle there was a girl standing in front of the mirror just staring at her reflection.

I smiled and started putting the calamine lotion on my bites, when she then turned and introduced herself, asking if I could help her. It turns out she was high on mushrooms and had lost her tent, she needed help getting back.

Before I had the chance to help her out, she stripped off completely naked and got in the shower and started laughing to herself and singing.

It was at that point I realised I never wanted to get bitten by mosquitoes again.

So after going crazy for a few days, I turned to the good old fashioned home remedies. I tried over 20 different things, but I’m going to share with you what worked for me.


Buy a couple of lemons, cut them in half and just rub over the affected area.


It needs to be the paste and not the gel as that does not work as well. Just put a bit of toothpaste over your bites and let them dry out, maybe over night.


Some Vodka will work wonders, I bought a miniature bottle for a dollar then used cotton wool balls to dab some on to the bites. With vinegar, I used Apple Cider vinegar and it worked but I have heard other vinegars work too.

Salt Water

If you are travelling, you should be, at some point near the ocean or sea. This was the best relief for me, I just swam around for an hour or so and it really helped.

Baking Soda

This was the second best relief. I bought a cheap bucket, filled it with lukewarm water and emptied a packet of baking soda in to it. I soaked my legs for an hour or so and it really helped with the itch and really reduced the size of my bites!

So there you have it, next time you get eaten alive by chiggers or mosquitoes, do not pay the high prices for the creams and tablets, they do not work!

Better still, cover up and use a good insect repellent spray instead!


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