My Top 5 Scottish Foods

My Top 5 Scottish Foods

Are you lucky enough to be celebrating the new year in Edinburgh this year, or in any part of Scotland for that matter? Here are my top 5 foods you need to try while your there!

Firstly you need to understand a bit of the lingo. A supper of any kind just means with chips. The Scots just add supper after what they want and voila you have chips with your meal! They also ask for salt and sauce, sauce usually always being brown sauce mixed with vinegar!


A traditional Scottish cuisine which is made from sheep’s insides (heart,liver,lungs) and traditionally is encased in the sheeps stomach, most modern commercial haggis is encased is sausage casing! Sounds yummy right, seriously try it though, It’s delicious! The Scots have a dish called ‘Haggis, Neeps and Tatties’, which is basically translated as Haggis, Turnip or Swede and Potatoes!


Deep Fried Anything

Yes they are well know for deep frying things. Most famously Mars bars but they also deep fry pizzas, pies, burgers and many more things! Ask and they will probably fry it for you, whatever It may be!

Fish Supper

The best fish and chips I have ever tried was in Scotland and I was once lucky enough to eat some in New Zealand on the beach. It’s a must, especially if you are on the beautiful west coast. You can’t beach fish and chips at the Scottish seaside!

Any Kind of Pudding

I’m not on about the sweet kind either. They do black, white and red pudding. Black pudding is made from oatmeal, blood, onion and spices. White pudding is the same but without the blood and red pudding is meant to consist of bacon, pork and spices. These all usually come in sausage shape and is battered whole! Sounds unappetising but I can assure you It is delicious and a must to eat!

A Good Ol’ Scotch Broth

A perfect way to warm your cockles on a cold winters night, and trust me It gets cold! A filling soup made with stewing meat (mutton, lamb or beef) lentils and pulses and root vegetables. You’ll find recipes change most places, some people add there own ingredients like cabbage and leeks.



There are also plenty more strange things they dish up. I worked in a café/fish and chip shop. It was always a toughie when tourists would come in and ask me what a chipsteak was. Yes a chipsteak, It’s not a steak with chips, oh no. It’s apparently thinly sliced cuts of meat piled on top of each other, usually either beef or pork, in batter. They also do something called a king rib, which is a another sausage type patty in batter. Then there is the famous square sausage, called a lorne sausage, which is said to have originated from Lorne Argyll.

Don’t forget all this has to washed down with a can of Irn Bru or whiskey!

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