Polzeath – Cornwall

Sat in Tesco car park, I looked over to James (my boyfriend) and said something along the lines of “Screw it, shall we go somewhere random and just camp in the back of the van?”.

We had a few days off work so headed back to our tent, packed a small bag and left for somewhere new.

We ended up in Polzeath, a small seaside resort in North Cornwall, on the Atlantic Coast. We parked up over looking the beach and decided to set up camp, naughtily ignoring the signs that said ‘Camping, cooking and overnight sleeping prohibited’.

A Thai noodle soup and a cosy night’s sleep in the back of the van later, it was safe to say we had broken those rules.

After pulling down our makeshift curtain (my pink beach towel) the following morning, we were greeted by this view.


The surf was a bit messy and the white water was over crowded with kids at surf schools by midday, I’m sure it was a lifeguards worst nightmare.

I did a good 2 hours shooting with my camera, and an hour the night before but found that with my basic telephoto lens, lack of equipment, low tide and the fact I am a complete amateur at this, I couldn’t get the shots I wanted.



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