Relight My Fire

No, I’m here to here to talk about that catchy Take That song. I’m here to talk about how I have kind of become fed up of being a one trick pony.

“You’re a travel blogger and you’re posting photos of FOOD!?” is the usual crap I hear when I stray from picture perfect landscapes and fitting quotes.

But I love food. Like I really REALLY enjoy looking at it, smelling it, cooking it, eating it and sometimes dreaming about it. I just don’t understand why we as bloggers, have to stick to just one topic, are we scared that the “blogging police” will come out in force just to kick us back in to conformity?


I love social media, I love being creative through writing and photography but most of all, I enjoy seeing how everybody else chooses to be creative. There is so much diversity out there, so much talent and it’s things like Instagram and so on that allow us to showcase it to the World, to create friendships with like minded people and to create a life that we actual enjoy living.

Every damn year I make a new years resolution, I have no idea why because I never stick to it. My confidence is barely there (although most people think I have f**k loads of it) and my ‘great ideas’ end up as just scribbles in my notebook.


I want to be able to write about travel as well as food, about love and loss, adventure and all the sh*t that happens in between. I want to carry on photographing beautiful sunsets because I don’t care if there is already over a million photos on Instagram already with the hashtag #sunset.

I want to be positively creative, to create a community where we make positive changes to the world and to the people who struggle to find a path to follow because in reality, if there is something most people in this world have in common, it is that nobody really knows what they are doing.
I’m guessing at life everyday. Sometimes it’s scary, other times it’s the biggest adrenaline rush.


So let’s push each other to succeed in our true passions and learn not put each other down because we don’t do what is expected of us.

Let’s not conform for likes and followers anymore. Let’s remember to keep a hold of the creative fire within us because it doesn’t matter if people don’t follow, the people that matter in the end, will.

F*ck the rest.

What do you wish you could do more of?

Global Mimi xx 





  • January 18, 2017

    Anton Langston

    I wish I could travel more… be more daring in my already spontaneous decisions… love without regret… be that little bit more honest… and continue to believe that the world is filled with good, filled with smiles, and happiness, and song, and dance, and frivolity.

  • January 21, 2017

    Global Mimi

    Oh but you can. The only person who is stopping you, is you. Unfortunately, the World is not filled with just goodness but if you only choose to see the bad, you will be walking in the darkness forever. You can always swim across the Atlantic and come and see me in Mexico if all else fails 🙂

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