Review: The Mermaid Hostel, Cancun

This is a bit of a difficult review to write but I am going to be honest with my experience staying at The Mermaid, Cancun.

I actually found the hostel through Instagram and was looking for a place to stay for night before my flight back to the UK the next day.


The hostel is about a 10 minute taxi ride from the ADO bus station and we paid $35. It is not central but is in a nice and secure area with gated security. You have bars, restaurants and a convenient store within walking distance as well as the beach (not the nicest beach but a beach at least).

When we arrived, a volunteer (Claire) came out to greet us and to help us in with luggage and so on. She was super friendly and inviting and told us that our room was not actually ready (It was 12pm so we were early). This was no problem though as they have a great roof terrace with views out towards the hotel zone and Isla Mujeres.

She told us we could leave our bags in the room while we are waiting for it to be made up, do we did and with that we escaped upstairs to the hammocks and waited for our room to be ready.

The Room

After 3 hours our room was ready and we were more than pleasantly surprised with the size, decor and cleanliness! The bed was super comfortable and there was even a flat screen TV. The bathroom was basic but clean and the shower was big enough to fit a football team!

The Theft of my Camera

My boyfriend, Max was ready to head out in to Cancun but I kindly reminded him that I had to take photos of the room first but I would try and be as quick as possible. Then, as I headed into my camera bag, I realised that alas, my camera was not longer there.

I checked again, and again then emptied my suitcase but nothing. Panic set in and I was certain that I had packed it earlier that morning but I began to doubt myself and thought I might have left it at our apartment in Isla Holbox. It was a pain but Max assured me when he got back home to Holbox he would send it to me back in England.

I was more annoyed that I now only had my phone to take photos of the room but I carried on and we left for the Hotel Zone. I kept re-thinking the morning and I was so sure that I had packed it and my bag had been with me for the whole journey. I even kept it on me on the bus journey to Cancun and not above in the baggage hold. Β It never left my side until the moment I put it down in the room.

It was only until I landed in London and Max rang me with the news that the camera was not at the apartment and that in fact yes, I did pack it. I realised that the only place it could of gone missing was the 3 hours it was in the room.

I messaged the owner who looked at her CCTV and she assured me the only person that entered the room was the cleaner and the other owner and that the cleaner would never steal. I cannot argue, I do not know the staff there and cannot say that yes she did do it. Either way, within that 3 hours somebody went into my bag and stole my camera and for that reason, I would not feel safe enough to stay again and to leave my stuff in the room.


I had a 12pm flight so had to leave around 9am so did not have a chnace to sample of the breakfast layout but I was lucky enough to sample some of Claire’s banana cake on the way out, which was delicious! The breakfast that was already out looked basic for the price of the rooms.


I wouldn’t stay here again just for the fact that I would not feel comfortable leaving all my camera equipment and laptop in the room but other than that, this place is OK. The place is bright, clean and intimate, a good place to meet other travelers and a comfortable and basic stay, away from the main hustle and bustle of Cancun. It is also perfect location for anyone leaving for Isla Mujeres the next the day as it is close to the ferry port.



  • August 1, 2017

    Agness of aTukTuk

    I’m very sorry to hear about your camera! Thanks a lot for the awesome and sincere review! Did you explore Cancun?

  • November 2, 2017

    Global Mimi

    I have been to Cancun a few times (I am based in Isla Holbox) but I have to admit, it is not my favourite place here. A bit too touristy for my liking.

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