Scotland according to Mimi (Part 1)

So first things first, After listening to other peoples stories of their trips to Scotland I was a bit hesitant in going to work there for 2 months. I was told things like ‘It’s a dangerous place, especially that Glasgow area’ or ‘Why would you want to go there for, it’s full of drug takers and criminals’. I can say now that I was very pleasantly surprised. After 12 very long hours travelling by National Express from Wales to Perth in Scotland, I arrived late in to the evening so It wasn’t until the next morning when I saw Scotland in daylight, in all it’s glory. Flinging the curtains open I was welcomed by a warm beam of sunshine, just outside my window there was an old fashioned sign post directing in all directions for places to visit, I was more than excited when I saw there was a castle and even more excited when I saw the signs for the local Blair Atholl whiskey distillery.

I packed the essentials for a day exploring in to my back pack, to me that’s my phone, camera, some food and water, unless of course I am hiking somewhere in which I would be a little better prepared. I headed off to Blair Atholl castle, which the road to it self is pretty spectacular. Getting to the end I was greeted by two castle staff members who informed me I would have to pay to see the castle. Now me being a stingy traveller thanked them and walked away, deciding to explore somewhere else instead. After patting some Highland cows on the head (very angry looking but also quite cute and harmless) I headed through some woodland that was creeping along side a river. After seeing NO WILDLIFE at all I was starting to get worried, where are all these red squirrels and hares I have heard so much about? That was all forgotten though when my exploring paid off, As I came to the end of the woodland I noticed a large building in the distance…Yes it was the castles back entrance I had stumbled across, an entrance which had no entrance fee. Feeling only a slight pang of guilt for wandering around the castle gardens for free, I decided to make the most of it. I walked through to the field of deer and stags which in the Autumn colours of the landscape looked incredible, I stood in awe listening to the young girl playing the bagpipes in the castle grounds, I took in all of the castles spectacular grounds. All this, only proved to me yet again, you don’t need to be wealthy to see places, exploring is free and for me this time, exploring paid off.

As much as I would love to ramble on about Scotland in one blog, you would probably be here for hours and I’m sure your all busy people. I was there for two months so as you can imagine there are plenty of stories to tell, especially my visit to Edinburgh. So keep an eye out for ‘Scotland according to Mimi (Part 2)!

I’ll just leave you with this photo I took of the front entrance to the castle.


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