The Good vs Bad Traveller


Travel. It has so many meanings, it can mean something different to everybody. To some people it’s a burden, to some people it’s their life and to some people it’s their dream.

There are thousands of tips on how to travel well and cheaply all over the internet. Is there really a ‘good way’ or even a right way to travel?

Who wants to be a good traveller? Not me, good travellers get there on time, they never get lost and they plan their route down to the very last detail. Good travellers know where they are going, who with and what the outcome will be.

They check the weather, the flight disruptions and cancellations, the route, the timing and the direction.

Good travellers pack, unpack and re-pack their backpacks. They are armed with everything they may ever need, from dozens of guide books and expensive cameras, just so they are sure they will capture the moment.

Then there is the ‘bad traveller’. What do they do?

Bad Travellers just turn up.

  • They go with what feels right, which road looks less travelled.
  • They wake up in the morning and decide there and then where they are heading.
  • They have no idea what is in their backpacks but they have survived so far.
  • Their cameras just take pictures, it captures moments and memories. It isn’t a thousand pound reason to get robbed.
  • They get lonely, they deal with it.
  • They get in trouble, they learn from it.
  • They hop on a bus without looking at it’s destination.
  • Their guidebooks are the local people.
  • Their home is wherever their feet are touching at that very moment.
  • They take chances.
  • They are the most likely to open their front door, step outside and just walk, walk the length of the world, because they have two feet and just because they can.

There isn’t really a right or wrong traveller, a good or bad one. You travel for your own reason, how you do it, is your decision, as long as your exploring the world, your doing the right thing.

All I do know is, I strive to be a bad traveller but that doesn’t mean I am travelling the right way.

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