The Wonders of a Working Abroad


We all choose a different way to fund the way we travel, from putting money in to a makeshift piggy bank to teaching abroad. When I finally broke out of my 9-5 job, I had literally no idea where to go next, I had no money or savings and I started to think that my ‘ I can do anything I put my mind to’ attitude might of landed in me in a whole lot of trouble.

It can be scary, to break out of your comfort zone, to chase after new dreams and ambitions, to go against the grain and to seek enlightenment and happiness from new and unknown places. This is why choosing to work abroad can really give you the foundation you need to get yourself out there.

When I got the call from PGL saying I had got the job in Northern Spain and that I would be starting in a couple of weeks, I didn’t quite know what to expect. Apart from the fact I was going to be spending 4 months working for an outdoor activity and water sports centre in Spain, yes I was only working in the kitchen but I was finally free from the same ground hog days I was living.

The great thing with not only PGL but other companies similar, is that usually, everything is paid for. Your transport to and from the destination, 3 meals a day and accommodation. It gives you the push to get out there, to experience new things without having to have a heap of money saved.

Yes, the pay may be very basic and the hours can be long, but when your office is the beach, mountains or lake and your break time is spent swimming in the pool, sailing or sunning yourself on the beach instead of your usual, running to the shop to grab a quick meal deal and sitting in your office reading Cosmopolitan magazine, wishing you were somewhere far away.

So what other benefits are there? Well If all the above hasn’t wet your whistle and made you want to hand your notice in and pack for a working holiday then how about the thought of a free qualification? PGL offer great opportunities, from gaining your dinghy instructor, your power boat license and your first aid at work, to starting apprenticeships in hospitality and catering.

I spent 3 summers working abroad, and It helped me build the extra confidence I needed to solo travel. You will find yourself mixing and working with people that have a similar way of thinking to you, seasonal friendships don’t just stop at the end of the summer, they last a lifetime (as cheesy as that sounds).

If you are stuck in a rut, wanting to travel but don’t have the savings just yet, this is the perfect way to ditch the boring and get out there and try something new.

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