Thistle Hotel – Heathrow T5 London.

Have you got a late night arrival or early departure from London Heathrow T5? The Thistle Hotel offers you a reasonably cheap place to stay that is close to the airport.

I stayed at the Thistle for 2 nights in early December 2014 and have mixed feelings about my stay. Firstly the hotel car park charges £10 a night to park your car. I understand that you are in London but if you are already paying to stay at the hotel, then surely that price is a bit steep.

We arrived mid afternoon and we were checked in by a young and friendly man who gave us our key card (which didn’t work but when do they ever) and we made our to our room, down what felt like a mile long hallway. After changing the key, we opened the door to a room that stank of stale cigarette smoke. I went back to reception and complained to which the lady said ‘But this is a non-smoking hotel’. She looked at me like I had a fried egg on my forehead, weirdly and confused.

She decided to send us someone from housekeeping who looked about 8 and confused, he sprayed a bit of something that smelt like something you would buy from the reduced range in Poundland and then left. The room continued to stink of smoke with a hint of Eau de Poundland for the remainder of the weekend.

The hotel itself is situated in a great place, close to the airport and with a free shuttle between the hotel and T5 you can’t really complain about it’s position.

The road is dotted with a few cosy pubs, where you can sit outside and watch the planes cross above you, as you wonder where they are going and why you are not on one of them.

The hotel also boasts a great breakfast, with plenty to offer, from a traditional English fry up to cereals, fruits, toast and a continental selection. The restaurant also has views of the runway so you can sit and watch the planes take off while you sip your coffee. Ideal.

The rooms are modern yet basic and aren’t really made for romantic getaways. The TV is a bit weird, it was a computer screen when we turned it on and at some points the cursor would move as if someone was fiddling with the TV.

The rooms are clean and basic and apart from the smell of smoke, it is a great base for anyone who is waiting for an arrival or departure from Heathrow T5. I wouldn’t recommend a stay any longer than one night though.

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