Today I Caught the Sun

Ok, so I didn’t catch the sun in the kind of ‘wow look how amazing my tan is’ kind of way. Today I decided to practice what I preach and explore my “back garden”. I left my parents house and explored the local area.

Luckily we are home to a lovely yet crumbling castle. It was on the walk down the winding lanes, after a morning of dull, gloomy weather (not ideal for taking photos) that the sun poked it’s glorious head through the clouds.

Not wasting a moment, I reached out my hand and warily, caught it, I of course had to make sure I had it with me at the castle, to brighten things up. If you don’t believe me, have a look I even managed to get a picture.

‘Be what you are, achieve what you can, seek the unknown and conquer the impossible’

Global Mimi

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