Translation Confusion

While searching the internet, I came across something that really tickled me. I was looking up a restaurant I once ate at in Budapest Hungary. I translated their website using Google translate and downloaded their menu and this is what I got, enjoy!

Sir Lancelot’s – Budapest

Ragout with tarragon soup in bread bowl

Bendődnek good buddy turkey, cauliflower

savoury shoe size

Ragout soup

Apraját wild blueberries, I taste with mustard, wildness

lies in me thou

Onion soup in bread bowl

Loaf, cream fabric makes it in front of you, good sir!

Sword of the chest

Melly poultry nice kind of fruit, apple,

their blame skewers interspersed with banana, honey,

fruit, donuts found 

Forester skewers

Nyársamra yanking my best garden, fowl

Melly of cucumbers, mushrooms and cheese sauce with ancient

I offer

Glazed chicken on iron plate

Chicken breast cut into strips of apple, cucumber,

sugary honey, sprinkle with nuts and fruit,

donuts found

 Saint Grill

Holy Grail I drink my wine, while chicken in


 Sir Vincent Charm

Goose drumstick with red oven, roasted until it feels good.

 Queen’s Dream

Majestic goose liver fry, tomato,

potato rings found

Glossy pages

All kinds of spices, garlic Cart

memorable ribs


Goat took created – the Knights are not eaten?

White People virtues

Best of sows fried, mustard sauce with the price offered:

so please you do this kind virgin

 Baker calf

I hit a huge flat piece of calf, potatoes,

onions and bake all that much to you

 Silence of the Lambs

Lamb, pork – crispy legs steamed

 Merlin Cart

The best beef cut into strips, and

mercy cart spicy magic, good food!


Magnificent goods beef, pulled finest sword

Fish and Wildlife meals

Sweet bear, whole trout, help you … Your Highness!

 The catches

Zanderfillet without fibers Kaja grilled warming her

almond restaurant

 Rivers Wanderers

Great way to relax weary salmon SPINACH

 General Hunter’s favourite –

Slowest nyulamat catch, game sauce

I offer Dumplings

Guinevere mantle –

The best deer robe casing, and steaks

red wine – jam, potato seek me find


In all seriousness though ,this is a great and fun place to eat, a definite must visit if you are visiting Budapest!

Anybody else have any funny translation stories?

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