Travel Debate – Shark Culling


I awoke this Sunday morning to read that Australia has started it’s Shark culling by shooting a female tiger shark in the head four times and dumping it’s carcass out at sea.

Personally I think this is disgusting.

Swimming with sharks, or cage diving is something that has always been on my bucket list. These creatures as so beautiful and to be able to see them up close has always been a dream of mine. So to hear this news was a bit distressing to me.

The reason behind this cull is to try and stop deaths and mauling’s by these creatures, after six fatal attacks in the last two years in the Perth area.

ThoughΒ extremely sad that people have lost their lives, I believe that surely people should know the dangers of entering shark infested water? It is THEIR habitat, their home and their feeding ground. If we are to enter into that danger, we should be aware of the consequences.

We are meant to be the most intelligent species on earth, yet we do the stupidest things.

To read the news article in full here is the link –

What is your view?

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