Weird and Wacky Hostels

Here I take a look at some of the weird and wacky hostels from around the world. Have you been lucky enough to stay at any of them? Let us know!

St Briavels Castle Hostel

This hostel is perfect for families, solo travellers and friends alike. A perfect way to explore the Forest of Dean and Wye Valley area. The castle itself was originally built somewhere between 1075 and 1129 and it wasn’t until 1948 that It actually became a Youth Hostel.

St Briavels Hostel is unique in every way, giving you a chance to get a glimpse of how medieval life was in England. They offer evening meals, including medieval banquets some Saturday evenings. With beds from only £13.00 per night and private rooms from £75.00, get yourself booked into St Briavels Castle Hostel!

Jumbo Stay – Stockholm, Sweden

Yes, this is a real jumbo jet converted into a hostel. It is based near the Arlanda Airport in Stockholm and is great place to stay if you have early or late departures.

You can even stay in the luxury suite which is located in the cockpit, from which you are also treated to panoramic views of the airport!

Kadir’s Tree houses – Turkey

This is every kids dream, or even for some, every adults dream! It’s based in Olympos, a favourite for hikers and climbers, a perfect base for any type of adventure holiday, or even a great stop off for many travellers.

They have a mix between dormitory type tree houses along with private bungalows. There is something for everybody, even a on-site nightclub, so the party can carry on in to the night!

It’s also only a short hike away from Olympos beach, which is known as the only breeding ground in the world for loggerhead turtles!

Railway Square – Sydney, Australia

A chance to stay in the only hostel in Australia that is based in an old railway station. You are spoilt for choice, with chances to sleep in the funky red railway carriages or in the comfy converted main building. Set in the heart of Sydney backpackers district, it’s in a great place to explore what Sydney has to offer.

Woodlyn Park – New Zealand

Why not take full advantage of being in New Zealand and sleep like a hobbit. Why stop there? Here you have a chance to sleep like a hobbit, to sleep in a plane, a train or a boat.

Based in Waitomo, home to the famous ‘glow worm caves’, you are spoilt for choice for things to do and places to see.

Check out their website to see the amazing accommodation they have for you to stay in!

Montaña Mágica Lodge – Chile

OK, so this isn’t a hostel but is definitely a pretty cool place to stay if your travelling through Chile. It’s a man-made volcano that spews water instead of lava, is covered in rainforest moss and vines instead of bricks and plaster and is accessible via monkey bridge instead of a regular path.
It sits within a reserve that’s 232 square miles of beautiful and enchanting nature. Sit and relax in the outdoor hot tubs that are carved from tree trunks and see if you can spot some of the local wildlife, with the chance of spotting pumas or even the world’s tiniest deer called the Pudú.

Lucky Lake Hostel – Netherlands

Set in the Dutch countryside, just 30 minutes away for Amsterdam, the Lucky Lake Hostel is a perfect base to explore the Netherlands. You can either stay in Dorms, Caravans or Cabins, you can cook outdoors, eat breakfast for free and even get a shuttle to and from Amsterdam.

This quirky place is an ideal place to meet new people, explore the wonders of the Netherlands and spice up your usual hostel stays and try something different.


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