Why Solo Travel is for You

The thought of solo travel can be pretty daunting, it’s not just the thought of you leaving your comfort zone but doing so, alone. You could conjure up numerous reasons to put yourself off from ever leaving on a one man journey but the reality is a lot more different than the picture you are painting in your mind.

I guess my reasons for leaving on a solo trip were more about the fact that nobody was really willing to come with me. They had to save up enough money, get time off from work or just didn’t have the ‘travel bug’ like I did.

You begin to think up all these senarios about everything that could possibly go wrong as a woman travelling alone. That is normal, that means than you are aware of the dangers that are out there. That is the first step to knowing that yes, you can do this alone.

Once you know the dangers, you can work to figure out  how to reduce the risk of anything happening to you. Know where you are going, the culture, research as much as you can about the place.


Then comes the second worry, what if you don’t meet anyone? What if you are the lonely one sitting in your hostel dorm at night, nobody to share dinner with or to browse the produce at local markets?

Letting go of the idea that you need someone other than yourself to do things in life, will be the biggest hurdle. You are more than capable of doing things alone, needing somebody to share moments with is a luxury, a want rather than a need.

Every one of us has the courage to spend time within our own company but not many of us give ourselves this opportunity. If 2017 is a year for anything, let it be the year you allow some quality time with yourself, it doesn’t have to be a solo, round the world backpacking trip. A weekend break away somewhere in your home country is a great way to ease yourself in to solo travel.

The World is becoming easier to travel, places are becoming more and more accessible and although this is ultimately having a negative impact on this Earth (separate issue altogether) it also allows us to travel easier and safer. Take advantage of this time, of social media, a time where you can use platforms such as Instagram and Twitter to search for the best places to stay, the cheapest airlines and the secret wonders of this world.

Every single one of us has the ability to solo travel, it’s just finding the courage to do so.

Have you solo travelled? Was it different to how you imagined? Would you or have you done it again after the first time?

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  • March 7, 2017

    Brianna de Gaston

    I solo traveled to Asia by myself and it was the BESE decision of my life!

    With love,

  • April 22, 2017


    I’ve never solo traveled before, but you made some really great points about it being more feasible now than people think. Starting with a quick weekend trip sounds like a great way to start. I guess I really just need to take the plunge! Thanks for sharing!

  • April 23, 2017


    Great article! Solo travelling is indeed a fantastic way to experience locations. Check out my travel stories:

  • November 2, 2017

    Global Mimi

    Thanks for reading and I hope you take the plunge soon! Please let me know your experience when you do!

  • November 2, 2017

    Global Mimi

    I hear Asia is amazing for solo travel! I hope to go next year. Asian food is literally my favourite.

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