Hi! Despite my blog name, my actual name is Lucie and I am a British blogger, content creator and sunchaser. My love for travel started at a young age, I moved from England to Hungary when I was just a few months old and lived there until I was 8. My memories of a more simple life growing up are fond and happy ones and I absolute love Hungary as a country and urge people to visit not just Budapest but the rest of the country too.

After moving back to the UK, my first trip without my parents (we did camping trips to France most summers) was with school at the age of 14 to Kenya, Africa. This trip was a whirlwind adventure of safaris, snorkeling in the Indian Ocean, game BBQ’s (zebra, crocodile…) and 5 star hotels in Mombasa. I was so desperate to take this trip that I started working to help save up for it at the age of 13, washing up for £3 an hour at a local fish and chip shop.

I got stuck in a typical ‘early adult’ life not long after that and I fell into working a 9-5 job and partying very well at the weekends. There is nothing wrong with the life I was living, it just wasn’t for me. It was  only when my Mum had had enough of me coming home crying about my job in an Opticians most days, that she decided to help me find a way out.

That is when this whole crazy journey started. I was accepted to work in Spain for a company called PGL and I spent 3 consecutive summers working, partying and living just north of Barcelona. When I had to return home for the winter months, I would find a “live in” bar or restaurant job somewhere in the UK and work for 2-3 months, until I had enough money to travel somewhere.

I solo travelled New Zealand (it was a disaster, it was an impulse trip as a friend was also there and I left on a one way ticket with just $800 to my name).  I’ve been to the USA twice, France, Spain, Italy, Morocco, Cuba…  and now here I am, living in Mexico.

I actually started ‘Global Mimi’ in 2013 while working in rural Scotland over winter. The name Mimi is what I used to call my late grandfather and as I wanted to stay anonymous back then. Some months I wrote blog posts every day and then some months I would completely forget about my blog at all.

It has only been within the past 18 months that I took it seriously and have built my brand to what it is today. My passion is within travel and food but I do not want to box this blog in to just one topic. Life is so many more things than that.

My Motto

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” – Henry Ford

So make sure to follow along on my journey, my adventures, my wins and fails.


Lucie xxx

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