Budapest and Beyond

Travel / Friday, December 18th, 2015

IMG_20151123_191050Budapest has been growing more and more popular over the years, near enough making it on to every ‘Top 10 cities to visit in Europe’ list and rightly so. It offers such a wide variety of things to see and do but not just halfheartedly, Budapest gives you 110% each time.

The city itself is split in to two, with Buda on one side of the River Danube and Pest on the other, you also have Margaret Island, which sits smack bang in the middle of the River Danube in Central Budapest, measuring 2.5km long.

You could easily spend a good week here, to get a real feel for what it has to offer, from all the food, drinks, shopping, music, architecture, thermal baths and the list could easily go on.

Yet just like any other city, just like London, New York or Paris, they are all just small parts of a beautiful country.

Hungary has an abundance of things to offer, so just to wet your taste buds, I have created a little list of places to visit outside of Budapest.








Hevis is located not far from Lake Balaton, which in itself has an array of things to offer, especially in the summertime.

Just outside of Hevis though is the popular thermal lake, a popular way to get outdoors and relax at the same time.

Hevis is also famous for it’s market that opens 3 times a week (Tues, Thurs & Sat).

Selling local produce, from arts and crafts to big  juicy fruits and vegetables.

you can check out details on their website by clicking here.




Turatura castle

Is a small town just outside of Budapest and although there are plenty of small towns not to far from Budapest, I chose this one simply because, it was where I grew up as a child.

The idea being though, that for just a couple of pounds or around 1,500 forints, you can catch a train out of Budapest (they run hourly) and visit a small town and experience a more laid back way of life, away from the tourists.

There are plenty of local bars to drink Pálinka, great small restaurants and friendly locals who will undoubtedly invite you around to their home for dinner.

Tura also has Schossberger Castle, a castle which has been used in many films and has been visited by the likes of Angelina Jolie.


egerminaret eger

Eger has been much likened to many other touristy cities such as Berlin and Prague because of what it has to offer yet it still stays free of over – tourism unlike the previous two.

Eger has so much to see and do that I would recommend a few days here, if not longer. If you are a lover of wine then go no further than ‘The Valley of the Beautiful Women’, wine cellars where you can try local wines, while listening to local folk bands serenade you. Eger is also home to the ‘Bull’s Blood Wine’.

It also boasts some beautiful architectural buildings, along with the Minaret (for only those who like heights) and Eger Castle.

To find out more then click here.




A wonthermal cavederful town located just over a 2 hour drive from Budapest. Miskolc is home to caves, castles, museums and so much more.

It is also not far from the beautiful Bukk National Park in the Bukk Mountains. Great for hiking and outdoor activities.

Then what better way to end a day of walking and sight seeing that unwinding in the Cave Bath, a thermal bath in a natural cave in Miskolctapolca, Some even swear by it’s natural healing qualities.

For more tourist information on Miskolc then please click here.






Gödöllő is a town situated in Pest county, about 30 km northeast from the outskirts of Budapest, so not a long journey if you are based in Budapest on your trip.

A  much quieter town than the rest but still bursting with colour, history, culture and of course great food.

I have many fond memories of visiting here as a child, especially the Palace, a favourite of Queen Elisabeth of Hungary, who after passing had a memorial garden built for her, which you can wander around and explore.

For more information please click here.



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