Escape to Mexico – Living in Isla Holbox

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Living the island life, to many it may seem like a dream come true and to be honest it is but it also comes with many struggles and all round down days.

I know there were many factors that contributed to me living here but I still get so confused as to how I actually got to where I am today.


I left the UK in 2016 with a 3 month trip planned for Mexico. My plan was to explore all of it but 2 years on, I have not ventured out of the Yucatan or Quintana Roo areas. Embarrassing, I know!

Isla Holbox, Mexico

To be honest my head wasn’t screwed on when I left the UK. I had ended a 2 year relationship that year, moved to Scotland, started a new yet toxic relationship, my grandfather passed away and by the end of 2016, I was ready to flee the country.

The first week I lost my bank card (now I take it as a sign) and it took 2 whole months to arrive in Tulum, Mexico. Luckily I was staying at Mamas Home Hostel and could not have been looked after more. The people I met there are like family too me. I had some money to keep me going but I had to stay stagnant to wait for my card to arrive.

Mamas Home,Tulum

Two months of my 3 month trip wasted in one place. The laid back and hippie beach town vibes were right down my street though and once my card arrived, I started looking at similar options. That’s when I came across The Blonde Abroad’s vlog in Isla Holbox and I was sold!

I honestly don’t remember arriving in Holbox. I had had a crazy last week in Tulum, filled with too many tequilas and late nights and I arrived in to Holbox just wanting to hide away, eat healthy food, nap and swim in the sea.

Isla Holbox, Mexico

I met Max after he did a tattoo for me, a Mexican inspired half moon on my ribs. He did it at the bar of the hostel I was staying at. I was led on a bench, t-shirt rolled up to my neck, with just a bikini on for dignity. I remember embarrassingly saying to him “Sorry if my boobs fall out”.

We chatted about travel, Guns n Roses and life in general. He apparently asked me out for dinner with the rest of the hostel that night but I don’t remember. I said no apparently because “I’ve already bought everything to make a Thai curry, sorry”.

We crossed paths again and it was me who asked him out for a beer. He was painting outside the hostel and I tapped him on the back and asked him to join me for a beer to watch sunset.


That night we talked for hours, about everything. Since then we never really looked back. It’s been nearly two years and we have had some serious life adventures!

We spend 4-6 months of the year here in Isla Holbox. We love it here and the island has treated us well. Our future plans are not here though. We have our wedding next year in Spain then we hope to travel to the USA for our honeymoon. A campervan roadtrip from coast to coast is what we dream of!

From there we do not know. Italy is in our thoughts, as are other places but we really do have to take each day as it comes as we really never know what island life has in store for us.

Isla Holbox - Shopping My absolute favourite all in one swimsuit by Tommy Hilfiger. I literally have two all in one swimsuits here in Holbox and I wear this every time! Worth it!

Check it out here! –

Living here is just as normal as living back in the UK. The only difference being the surroundings. I still have cleaning and laundry days, days where I just watch Netflix. I usually come back after my time away and people ask me why I’m not that tanned. It’s because my apartment has aircon and this is not a vacation for me. I chose to change my surroundings because they were having a negative impact on my life. I chose to leave my life in the UK and search for something more.

If you feel like this is something you want to do but don’t know how then please feel free to give me a message. Whether it be a city change, or a complete life makeover. It is possible to change your life, whether it be at 18 or 80 years old.


Cost of apartment: We pay $4500mxn per month including bills ($230usd / £180gbp)

Cost of food shopping: weekly average of $800mxn ($40usd / £32gbp)

What is your job: I work online as a social media manager/on my blog and as
 a photographer.

Is it safe there: Yes, I feel very safe here. 

Is the Wifi good: It's a small island so it's not great but I get by. We have
 WiFi in our apartment.

How do I get to Holbox: Easiest way is to fly to Cancun and get a bus or 
private transfer to Chiquila. 
It is then just a short 25 minute ferry ride away.

How do you save up to live there: I work bar jobs in between travel to give me the 
freedom to stay in place for a long period of time. I can save up quick that way.

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4 Replies to “Escape to Mexico – Living in Isla Holbox”

  1. I love seeing all of your posts about this gorgeous island on Instagram! My hubby and I are planning to go in January for our honeymoon and are beyond excited to check out many places you have recommended on the island! The only thing we’re having trouble with is how much cash to bring to the island, and how much of that we should transfer from USD to pesos. Any help would be totally appreciated!

  2. Hi Melissa! Thank you so much for reading! That’s great, you will both love it here! There is just once cash machine here that gives pesos, the rest only dispense dollars. They are also all very temperamental. I always recommend bringing pesos to the island with you. For a week I would say about $5000mxn pesos. The exchange rate on the island for changing dollars to pesos is terrible. You can pay for some things in dollars but obviously you will be paying more. You can also use card in many bars and restaurants too. It all depends on your plans. Will you be renting a golf cart, doing any tours, hiring bikes and so on. You can budget for these and then figure out how much cash you will need to take. I hope this helps! Lucie 🙂

  3. Hello from Miami! I’m so grateful for your post! Particularly your living expense breakdown. I’m a virtual assistant and can work from anywhere as long as the WiFi is good. . I’m planning a move there with my boyfriend who is a yoga instructor and will be working at one of the top hotels for at least one year. if all goes well we should be there by November I hope can’t wait! Do you have any rental property contacts you could share or point me in the right direction?? Thanks again for the post! And following

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