Finding Flamingos in Holbox

Mexico, Travel / Friday, November 3rd, 2017

Who doesn’t love pink birds? Yes there are Flamingos here in Isla Holbox and do you know what’s even better? That they’re not used to humans, so getting close to them isn’t easy. Seeing them at peace and in their natural habitat is so much better than that of the Aruba experience.

I decided to walk through the shallow waters for about an hour and a half to find them but it was totally worth it. To be walking so far out, parallel to the island, looking towards the land while your knee deep in Caribbean blue waters is an amazing feeling.

So if you are ever visiting Holbox and want to try and see them too, here’s how;

Finding the Flamingos

There are a few ways to see them but they usually hide out near Punta Mosquito, about a 45 minute walk from Villa Flamingoes hotel.

As you know, I chose to walk through the water, walking outwards from the Holbox Hammocks, just keep right and keep on walking. The deepest you will get is waist deep but most of the time you will just be wading through knee deep water or less.

Walking through water

It is HARD work, as the sun is hot and it is hard to walk in water for an hour or so. So make sure you bring a hat, sun cream and lots of water to drink.

You will usually see other people walking behind or in front of you too, so you can keep track of what direction you should be going.

If you choose to walk along the beach way then be aware, it can get difficult to walk on, you will still at some points have to walk out in to the water and there is deadwood blocking your path.
You can also ride a bike pretty much most of the way, but you will come across two rivers which the first is somewhat easily crossed with a bike but the second is not AT ALL. So you’ll have to leave you bikes there and swim across.

Have you got plans to visit Isla Holbox anytime soon?

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  1. Great advice, going to check it out and walk in the water, who knew!

    We’re staying at the Hotel Villas Flamingos and Punta Mosquito looks super, super close.

    Can’t wait!

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