From Hell to Holbox

Life, Mexico, Travel / Wednesday, January 11th, 2017

A lot of people are asking me why I am here in Holbox and what made me decide to stay for so long. So here it is, a brief explanation about my crazy move here…

I left for Mexico last September and there was no real reason behind choosing it as a travel destination other than that something about it was calling out to me. 2016 had been a shit year for love and loss and after finally getting the balls to end a 2 year relationship, I packed my bags in April and headed to Edinburgh.

Now listen close, things might get a little confusing… You see, I met a guy way back in 2001 on the internet (yes I know it’s a dangerous place) but we soon became penpals/friends and we managed to stay in contact with each other ever since that day without ever actually, meeting.

That is until we did but only by chance when we both booked a flight on the same day, from the same airport, same terminal, and wait for it….at the same time of day. It was a brief 5 minute meeting and neither of us could speak from the anticipation and shock of actually seeing one another in the flesh for the first time.

He went off to South America backpacking and I was off to solo travel New Zealand, and that was that. We didn’t cross paths again for some years to come, until early last year, when he offered me a free place to stay in his flat during the summer months in Edinburgh, giving me a chance to save up after my break up and get enough money together to fly off somewhere exotic.

It was a whirlwind 3 months; we fell in love just as quick as we fell back out again and after coming home and finding a strange naked girl in our bed, there was no better time than then, to put my middle finger up and wave goodbye to Edinburgh.

I arrived in Tulum, Mexico late September and was hooked instantly. I loved everything about the way of life there and the price of rum was stupidly cheap, which is always a bonus for me. I had booked a weeks stay at Jose @ Mamas Home (best hostel in Tulum by far) but already knew that I was going to extend by a few days but little did I know, those extra few days would turn in to a whole 7 weeks.


I lost my bank card to the depths of the ATM, when I left without taking it from the slot. Of course I was annoyed at myself for being stupid, for only having 1 bank card and thus meaning I had to stay in Tulum until my new one arrived. Somehow though, I felt like there was a reason behind losing it and that maybe I needed to stay a little longer.

After 6 weeks of it STILL not arriving, I got itchy feet, time was running short and I still wanted to see so much more of Mexico. Granted, I had begun to fall in love with Tulum and rightly so, it’s slow pace and laid back approach to life was something I had been craving for but I had to leave.

When my card did finally arrive, I felt a sudden stab of sadness. Tulum had kind of become my home but for some reason, I can never stay in a place long enough to settle, so instead of staying like any normal person would, I booked my ticket out of there.

Travel; an escape route I give myself when I feel myself settling somewhere, when I begin to feel comfortable . Some call it running, some may think it’s strange to leave a place you love and some think that travel is just a rich girls privilege. I call it mind your own f***ing business.

I have become at ease with my strangeness and I have learnt to love and nurture it instead of trying to iron out all my weird and wonderful creases, just to conform to whatever the tabloids and magazines have decided is normal that week.

So with that in mind, here I am. I have moved to Holbox until April, having only enough money to my name to pay for my flight back here from the UK after visiting home for Christmas. I am working freelance as a social media manager and photographer, while living on the floor of a tattoo studio (on a surprisingly comfortable airbed) until I find an apartment to rent and I’m eating street food for dinner. Life is a funny thing and sometimes you have to just go with whatever feels right at the time.

Here I get to live simply, surrounded by people just as laid back as me. I get to watch beautiful sunsets, swim in the ocean, write, take photographs and enjoy the little things I love to do. Sometimes these little things get drowned out by the day to day stresses we have to endure and we push them to the back of our minds and begin to lose touch with our real selves.

Things can seem a little scary sometimes but you know what? It isn’t. Just take a step back and do something for YOU this year, follow that dream, change careers, shave your head, become a wrestler, change the world, become a vegetarian, become a carnivore… just relish in life and for the love of god, PLEASE do it for you and not for anybody else.

From Hell to Holbox


 Lucie xx


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  1. You are so brave to put this out there! I loved every word and you, of course can’t wait to see you in a few weeks!

  2. When I’m too old for Work visas (in 2 years) I’m gonna spend my last travelling days in Mexico and im going to use your photos as my travel guide

  3. I love the way you describe Tulum, I´m from Michoacán and the first time y went there was preaty special to me. As a mexican y love when people from other countries have te balls to brake the media bubble and insted get a taste of our multi flavoured country. I`m working on a travell agency as a content manager and I`ll share your story in our brands 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

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