Instagram Life: The Truth Behind the Photos

Life, Travel / Wednesday, May 9th, 2018

I don’t think I have written anything personal on this blog for a while…well since 2017’s post ¨From Hell to Holbox¨ where I explain the whirlwind rollercoast ride that 2016 was for me.

Well since then I am engaged and nearly ready to marry in March 2019. Who would have thought it? I was so against marriage and the fact that people pay such a HUGE sum of money for just the one day!? Like what!?

I guess that all changed when I met Max though and somehow marriage seemed to make perfect sense and it kind of became a way to really express my love for him, us and our relationship…(I know, pass me the bucket).

BTW! Do you guys want me to write a blog post about how me met? I think it’s a cute story!

2018 – The Year of Bad Luck

Everything has really tested us this year and it all started in January. I was out for drinks with a friend when my handbag was stolen with my phone inside. I had literally had this phone for over 2 years so you can imagine, there was ALOT of photos and information on there.

That was of course all very shitty but for me the worst was that also in my bag was my St. Christopher necklace that my mother had given me years ago. If you guys don’t know, he is the patront saint of travellers and has really been all over the world with me and had kind of become my lucky charm.

I was absolutley gutted to lose something so sentimental.

After about a week phoneless and a very limited choice on Isla Holbox for new ones, I finally got a new samsung phone and was back in the game.
Fast forward 2 days, just after I had come back to my apartment after a job with a hotel, I turned on my laptop to view the photos and…nothing.

There wasn’t really much choice in Holbox for people to fix my laptop either but after some googling, youtube videos and a guy who kind of knew what he was doing, we figured out it was probably the video chip (whatever that means) and nobody would be able to fix it on the island.


I work online and I am on my laptop everyday so with it being broken, my work and my blog took a huge hit. I used Max’s laptop but his screen wasn’t the best and I couldn’t really edit my photos on it, but it did do the job, just about…

“A girl should be two things: who and what she wants..” – Coco Chanel

At that point we were saving to go to Argentina in March and we couldn’t really afford to travel to Cancun and buy a new laptop, or to even fix it so I just stuck with making do with Max’s.

We finally saved the money and booked our flights to Argentina (Max had not been home for 2 years!) and we set off on the 17th March. Just less than 2 hours before landing though, we had to make an emergency landing.

There was a huge storm that had hit Montevideo, Uruguay and all flights to that airport had been diverted. So there we were, 3am in the morning, parked up in a Paraguay, unable to get off the plane because the airport was closed.

Over 2 hours later and we set off again yet unbeknown to me, we were actually the very FIRST flight to attempt to land in the storm in Montevideo (luckily for me, my Spanish isn’t the best so I didn’t fully understand the captain).

Holy guacamole…! The plane was deathly quiet as everyone just hoped and prayed we landed safe. The winds we shaking us so hard and outside I could see nothing but grey/black cloud and constant flashes of lightning. As soon as those wheels touched down, we all applauded (and breathed again).

Once we had collected our luggage, we decided to take the bus from the airport to the central bus station, instead of paying the $65 it was for a taxi

We soon learnt that was a bad idea..

The bus had dropped us off on the street somewhere in the torrential rain and we had to flag down a taxi to take us to our hotel and to try and get cover from the rain quick!

When we arrived to the Smart Hotel, we checked in and I decided to have a nice hot shower and settle in to bed (it was still stormy outside so a perfect cosy hotel day was my plan!) .

I decided to edit some photos and was trying to turn Max’s laptop on and…nothing.

Long story short and over 2 weeks in a laptop repair shop, they told us it had got water damage ( probably from running in the rain trying to find a taxi in Montevideo) and the laptop was unfixable!

Ok, so now we had no laptop at all (they also took mine in for another 2 weeks and then called to say they didn’t have the right equipment to actually fix it).

Sidenote: At this point I had also dropped my new, replacement phone down the toilet here and had to send that in for repair. Seriously, I need to learn that my back pocket is no place for a phone.

So here I am, stranded in Argentina as the the loss of equipment drained our funds and I am unable to make any money without a working laptop, meaning we are unable to move on to our next destination, the UK.

I have been away for 8 months and I am really missing my family and friends. I can’t afford the $1100 plane ticket  and next month is my Grandma’s 80th birthday as well as my friends wedding, which I am gutted that I might miss.

Searching for dreamers, adventurers, weirdos and pickle eaters…

I am of course thankful for so many things that I am lucky to have, my health, the amazing opportunities I am given, friends and family and of course Max but what I am trying to say is, that this year has been pretty tough (I’ve only told you guys about 30% of the bad luck stories haha).

This hardly ever reflects in my instagram photos and to most it can seem like I am living the life many can only dream of.

The thing is, everybody has struggles, bad moments and times where they feel like they just want to give up, including those you follow on instagram. Do not be deceived by the perfectly edited photos, we all are very good at hiding our doubts, fears, bad times and sadness with a cheery and fake front.

Many follow us to be uplifted, to be cheered up and somehow we have an obligation to create a feed that can make somebody who is having a bad day, feel better. To inspire people, to give wanderlust or to stir up a passion within someone.

Don’t scroll through your instagram though and think you are alone, that you are the only person who is struggling, who is anxious, who feels unworthy or unappreciated. The only one who can’t afford to travel, to have nice clothes or to have a certain body type.

Everyone isn’t 100% truthful in what happens behind the instagram post and you would be very suprised at everyone’s behind the scenes stories..

At the end of the day, we are all human and we are all in this together, triumphs and fails.

Lucie xxx

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  1. I love reading your posts. Your enthusiasm, encouragement, honest and openness is so refreshing. I have always believed that amazing things happen to amazing people… you’re definitely in the amazing category!

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