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Destinations, Travel / Tuesday, January 15th, 2019

I’m just going to start you off with a backstory. I am still learning Spanish and I am nowhere near fluent or pro, yet. I live in Mexico with my Argentinean boyfriend and these following steps have really helped me learn and understand Spanish faster and easier.



A great app that gives you daily tasks and questions to help you learn Spanish easy and fast!


There are several great YouTube channels out there that can help you speed up your Spanish learning progression.

Try these ones:

Hello Talk

This is one of my favourite apps to use. You input which language you are learning and which language is your mother tongue or one which you are fluent in and it will give you people across the World who you can match and chat with. Send messages daily, including voice messages. They can use tools within the app to correct any mistakes you make too.



Listening to podcasts is a great way to ease yourself into improving your listening skills. Spanish is actually one of the fastest spoken languages in the World, so grasping the listening part, can be tricky.

Try these podcasts to get you going:


Reading in Spanish is often the easiest way to dingest the language. Read as much as you can understand and any words you are unsure of, write them down in your notebook and use your Spanish dictionary to translate.

Once you feel comfortable with the new words, go back and re-read the same part and see if you understand more.

My Recommendations:

Travel to Spanish Destinations

Granted, not everybody has the time or money to be gallivanting off to Spanish speaking countries but think about your next vacation or weekend off. Can your next vacation break be to one of these following cities voted as being the best to learn Spanish?


Central/South America


What’s your favourite TV show or Film? Whatever it is, watch it with Spanish subtitles. Netflix has Spanish subtitle options with most of it’s shows or films. Anything and everything you watch, make sure you either watch it dubbed in Spanish or add Spanish subtitles.

Practice, practice and more practice. Learning fast means immersing yourself in it everyday. Put sticky notes of Spanish words around your room or home. Put in some headphones and listen to podcasts or Youtube videos as you fall asleep. Whatever you do, make it Spanish!

3 Replies to “Learn Spanish Fast”

  1. Luckily I’m already fluent in Spanish, but I am trying to learn Lithuanian! I think it’s so cute and amazing that you’re trying to learn Spanish because of your boyfriend. I wrote a whole blog post about learning your partner’s native language! These are all amazing tips. Also the Google translate app is AMAZING

  2. Thank you for sharing the different tips – I’ve heard Duolingo is great. My go to would also definitely be YouTube! I’m going to try picking up Japanese again this year and I’m going to be trying those 2 combined with books from the library!

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