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Welcome to the wonderful city of Winterthur, Switzerland. This small city with a medieval heart is known for it abundance of museums, culture and nature.

Population: 108,000 people

Currency: Swiss Franc

Budget: $$$

Language: Swiss German

I was lucky enough to spend a weekend here in July and was not disappointed with my first ever trip to Switzerland.

Winterthur is steeped in history and has a strong industrial background, with many of it’s derelict factory buildings being preserved and given new life. They have used these spaces to create a university, an indoor skate and adventure park, apartments, a nightclub and so much more.

Winterthur Musikfestwochen 

I had timed my trip just perfectly as Winterthur was celebrating it’s yearly music festival, Musikfestwochen. I was immediately blown away by the time, love and effort that goes into providing such a great festival.

There was food stalls, bars, gin stands, art and musicians galore. This festival lasts 11 days and is free for the majority of the days apart from the last few. What was just once just a small music festival has grown massively over the years.

It’s a true reflection of the people that live in Winterthur as businesses and it’s residents come together to create a fun event for all to enjoy. The volunteers are just that too, volunteers and do not get paid for their time there but they still always come back each year to be apart of the wonderful Musikfestwochen.

music festival winterthur


Rhine Falls

Rhine falls, the biggest waterfall in Europe.

Things to Know:

How to get there: From Winterthur, take the S33 train to Schloss Laufen am Rheinfall railway station.

Ticket Price:  CHF 5.00 per person.
Included in the ticket price: access to the Historama and the viewing platforms.


I am a HUGE foodie and I was not disappointed with the food selection in and around Winterthur. The town itself is  full of cafes, restaurants and food stands, giving that real European city vibe.


This cute cafe in the centre of Winterthur is a crepe dream. There are endless options to choose from and they are HUGE! The perfect location to meet with friends for lunch and to sit and watch the world go by.

grepery, winterthur


Schloss Laufen

Schloss Laufen

What is better than an incredible menu, using fresh ingredients sourced from the local area? How about a dining just beside the famous Rhine Falls. This restaurant is the perfect mix between fine dining and a casual dinner. I am the biggest mushroom fan, so as you can imagine, I was beyond happy to see that the menu was influenced by mushrooms found in the area.

They also had a wine menu that would rival any novel. I asked my waiter for the wine list and he brought over a humongous book, with pages upon pages of wines. What is better than pairing a delicious meal with a perfect wine? Not much.




The city of Winterthur actually has an incredible 17 museums, including the Fotomuseum, which was by far one of my favourite museums that I visited while there.

Also as well as hosting the increasingly popular Musikfestwochen festival, the city also hosts the Afro-Pfingsten, which is the International Short Film Festival. The variety and diversity of all these museums, festivals and performances, Winterthur has really put itself on the map and I predict it being one of the up and coming cultural cities to visit in 2019.

Fotomuseum, Wintherthur

This museum was one of my favourites and had some great collections. I recommend buying a museum pass at either the tourism centre or at one of the museums, this pass also includes the free use of the museum bus.

Technorama Science Museum

Technorama, Winterthur

What a fantastic museum! I was blown away by how much there is to do here! I haven’t actually been to a science museum since my early school days but really wanted to explore the 500+ exhibits that were there!

This is a perfect day out for families, friends or even solo travellers! I had a blast exploring on my own!


As I mentioned before, Winterthur has a big industrial history but they have balanced this out nicely with the cities many parks. Speaking to some of the locals, this was highlight for them living and working here. They loved the option of escaping to a nearby park on lunch breaks and getting the feeling of peace and quiet.

Winterthur is also surrounded by hills, forests and an abundance of nature.

Rosengarten, Winterthur

(Rosengarten, Winterthur)

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  1. I think I had never heard of that city so I’m excited to add it to the list of the places I want to visit before I leave Switzerland!! I knew Rhine falls is a must-see so hopefully I’ll make it x

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