Staycation: Mystique Blue Holbox

Destinations, Isla Holbox, Mexico, Travel

When I received an email inviting me for a mini staycation at the new Mystique Blue Hotel in Holbox, I was beyond thrilled. This hotel is actually only a 5 minute walk away from my apartment so I cycle past it most days, usually full to brim with envy of those who are relaxing in […]

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Tips and Tricks: Stories of Solo Travel


Are you still unsure whether to embark on your first solo travel adventure? Well whether it be a weekend break close to home or strapping on your backpack and heading half way across the world, there are many ways to solo travel. Here I have asked a few great ladies their stories and tips about […]

May 11, 2017

From Hell to Holbox

Life, Mexico, Travel

A lot of people are asking me why I am here in Holbox and what made me decide to stay for so long. So here it is, a brief explanation about my crazy move here… I left for Mexico last September and there was no real reason behind choosing it as a travel destination other […]

January 11, 2017

Solo Traveller Trouble In Tulum

Destinations, Mexico, Travel, Tulum

Who would of thought I would find trouble in Tulum, of all places? Yet there are times on the road where people will take advantage of you or your situation, which can in turn either ruin your trip entirely, or even end it for you completely. Especially as a female solo traveller, as much as we all […]

November 4, 2016

A Guide to Tulum, Mexico

Destinations, Mexico, Travel, Tulum

Tulum was my first stop here in Mexico, with me only originally booking 6 days of exploration here. Yet nearly three weeks later, I am still here and still unwilling to leave. There are many wonderful reasons for my prolonged stay here but the thing I love the most, is the way this town can instantly make you feel at […]

October 17, 2016

Budapest and Beyond


Budapest has been growing more and more popular over the years, near enough making it on to every ‘Top 10 cities to visit in Europe’ list and rightly so. It offers such a wide variety of things to see and do but not just halfheartedly, Budapest gives you 110% each time. The city itself is […]

December 18, 2015

Walking in Memphis

Destinations, Travel, USA

There are many places that can, and will succeed at sweeping you off your feet. The places that are quaint and quiet, yet bubbling with character and passion. The places that thrive on individuality and then the ones that enjoy mirroring others such as themselves, happy blending in with the rest of the world. It […]

November 28, 2015

Falling for New York

Destinations, Travel, USA

There I was, my two feet on the ground, the very ground that has seen so much devastation, so much hurt and pain. I have been here before and I am sure I will be here again but the over whelming feeling I experience each time, is new and different. The 9/11 Memorials are breath […]

November 18, 2015

20 Hours With a Stranger

Travel, USA

It was nearing the end of my trip in the USA and of course, money was tight. I had been good so far, trying to eat cheap but sometimes you just can’t say no to a juicy steak. I had a week to try and find a way to get from Nashville to New York, […]

November 6, 2015

42 Things Americans Do That I Just Don’t Understand


One of the main reasons that we all tend to travel is to experience new things, to see how the rest of the World lives their day to day lives. Some of us search for these experiences in far flung places, while the rest of us dedicate more time to explore our local area. The USA is similar […]

October 26, 2015