Wedding Planning Abroad

Life, Wedding / Monday, November 5th, 2018

Planning a wedding abroad is hard work! Especially legally, so many different countries have different laws as well as

us being from totally different countries ourselves. I am British and Max is Argentinean.

To be honest, I thought I would never get married. I am a hopeless romantic but began to feel disconnected from the idea of marriage around the age of 24 after several bad relationships.

But here I am today, planning a wedding and my gosh isn’t it stressful!

When me and Max first met, our relationship was a quick ,whirlwind romance but we both were firm on the idea that we were not interested in marriage. This all changed though of course after we fell madly in love with one another.


We both want a simple wedding and we both love a good get together and party with our friends and family so we wanted to incorporate this into the wedding.

The problem is, his family and friends are all in Argentina and my family and friends are all in the UK. This makes planning a wedding to get everyone together very difficult.

We wanted to marry in a beach villa in Mexico, then realised it was unrealistic. The price we would have to pay per night would mean we could only afford 3 or 4 nights. If people are travelling over 10 hours to get to our wedding, we wanted to give them a good holiday.

I knew that for the same price as 3-4 days in Mexico, we could rent a place for a week or 10 days in Europe. That’s when we set our sights on Spain.

Our Chosen Villa

We wanted nothing too modern, we wanted it to feel homely and most importantly to have a pool and a BBQ! After months of searching we came across the winner. This villa in Andalusia, Spain is perfect. With 12 rooms spread across 3 separate villas, a large swimming pool, three BBQ’S, gardens with mango trees and flowers, it was a clear winner.

Wedding Planining Abroad Spain
Villa Spain
Wedding Planning Abroad
Villa Spain

Wedding Dress Shopping

Wedding Planning Abroad

I spend a lot of time out of the UK, so when I was home during this summer, I arranged a wedding dress shopping trip with my Maid of Honor and Mum. We went to Wed2be, a great and easygoing place to shop. I went in with an idea of what I wanted but was blown away with what actually suited me.

I never wanted a big wedding dress but was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked them when I tried them on. I am having a summer wedding though so I think simple and light will be the design I finally go for.

(Sorry for the terrible quality of photos as these were took on my phone)

Wedding Planning Abroad
This one was my FAVOURITE (ignore bra strap). I tried it on three times! I didn’t buy it though as I want to spend less on my wedding dress (this was £800). I know the dress is an important part of the day for many women and it is for me too, but spending that much money on a dress doesn’t seem logical.

We literally used our wedding planner to try and budget and kind of figured out that as we are aren’t having the usual wedding so we are going to save BIG on the costs. Now with the villa and dates sorted, it’s back to Pinterest for me to drool over dreamy wedding set ups!

6 Replies to “Wedding Planning Abroad”

  1. I had no idea it was YOUR wedding oh my god! That dress is so gorgeous, it makes me so excited to go wedding dress shopping. And your fiance is Argentenian AND a tattoo artists? Latinos represeeeent!! Congratulations, boo! It’s going to be amazing x

  2. I came accross your blog when I was on Twitter and couldn’t help myself but being nosy and read a few blog posts! Fisrt of all, I love your blog! It is amazing, good job!!!
    But this post … WOW! I am so in love with it and your story, this is truly romantic! When are you planning to get married? Good luck for the rest of the planning xx

  3. Hey! Thanks so much for taking the time to have a snoop around! Thank you for the kind compliments! Yes! I can’t wait! It will be May this year! Only 5 months now! 🙂 xx

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