STORY TIME: 10 Hours in Venice, Italy

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Welcome to dreamy Venice. A place I had dreamed of visiting for many years only to be made skeptical about going by many previous visitors telling me it was “dirty, overcrowded and expensive”.

I kind of like it when I get negative reviews of a place I am soon to visit though, it makes put down my rose tinted glasses and I arrive without the high expectations I once had. That way I am either not shocked if the place is bad or pleasantly surprised if it just as glorious as I thought in the beginning.

In the case of Venice…

Venice, Italy

I was pleasantly surprised.

We left the UK the morning after the England vs Croatia World Cup match and that my friends, was a rooky mistake. We were due to get picked up at 3am to get to the airport for our 7am flight. After my boyfriends brief moment kneeling over the toilet and then finally passing out from too many shots, I was left alone to pack (yes I know, last minute packer over here).

Somehow though I managed to pack, print all the tickets and be ready for 3am and off we went. Nothing is spring chickens and roses in my life though and of course, we didn’t know we were about to make memories that would last a lifetime…

It was 7ish in the morning, we were on our way to Venice and I was sat next to a slightly green looking, very pale boyfriend, who was having the worst flight of his life.

He was nice and quiet until I got a light tap on my leg;

“Babe, I think i’m going to pass out, I need to go to the bathroom” he slurred.

Ok, no problem I thought. We’ve got this, I’ll help him walk to the toilet, maybe he will vomit again and then I’ll fill him with water and sugary snacks to help cure his horrid hangover.

We didn’t even get up out of our seats when the woman walking past out row collapsed on to the floor and cabin crew rushed to her aid.

At this point there was no escape for us to get out and I just kept thinking ‘shit, we’re going to have to make an emergency landing and I’m going to be covered in vomit very soon’.

Luckily the lady was OK in the end and magically so was Max and we landed in Venice without any drama or vomit.


Venice was absolutely beautiful. Yes, of course it was packed with tourists but my gosh what a DREAM it was, something straight out of a fairytale.

We decided not to stay the night here but instead spend the day exploring and to leave early evening for Rome. After a night of zero sleep, a 20kg backpack and a hungover boyfriend, the odds were not in my favour to have a great day exploring but never underestimate the power of  good Italian street food and beer.

We soon also found a luggage storage and we were both feeling revitalized and ready to see what Venice had in store.

Venice, Italy

Venice was a hot 37 degrees and walking around sleep deprived and hungover/tipsy was no fun for anyone. The hoards of tourists that stomp around all excited and full on ready for selfie mania was something I could of done without but still, I loved roaming the cute streets and squares.

We had just under 10 hours here before our train and then night bus to Rome that evening. I would say it was more than enough time for us but we would 100% return again to spend a little more time here. Maybe visiting out of summer time would be more ideal!

Also as a quick side note, try NOT to book an Airbnb during your stay. I have heard the influx of Airbnb rentals is ruining Venice and is pushing residents our of their homes. There are so many  other wonderful places to stay there.

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One Reply to “STORY TIME: 10 Hours in Venice, Italy”

  1. Hi, just read your funny story, loved it 😉 (never drink and fly haha)

    Maybe i can help with a couple of tips for when you go nexr to Venice.
    -Don’t go during summer time.
    -Check there is no high tide during your planned stay
    -Book a hotel in nearby Maghera, is at least half price, and bus ride to Venice 20min for 1 euro
    -there are some really peacefull and cheaper wine bars on the secondary canals
    -take a gondola ride, even if it is 80 euro for like half hour, it is the only place on earth to do that 🙂

    Hope this helps a little, anyway you’re a pro traveler so you got it.

    Btw, on ig i’m globetrotterandy, and love your feed.
    Happy travels!

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